Relaxing - Stress relief Swedish Massage

Swedish massage can be vigorous compared to aromatherapy or Thai fusion techniques, but many people enjoy the low to medium intensity, calling it stimulating and energizing. (Always discuss with me what intensity you want and if at any point during the session you feel it is too gentle or too rough, please let me know.)

Techniques used in Swedish massage

Effleurage; - a form of massage involving a circular stroking movement with the palm. The therapist usually slides his palm along the body, always in the direction of the heart. The pressure is low to medium. It is a muscle warming technique that promotes relaxation, calms the nerves and improves blood, heart and lymphatic circulation.

Petrissage; -this practice is a tension releasing skill which will relax the muscles and improve both blood flow and lymphatic drainage.

The Swedish massage also uses friction, tapotement, vibration and other techniques. The aim of which is to relax the muscles and eliminate myalgic knots. It also helps combat sleep disorders and has a very effective stress-relieving and relaxing effect. It is also effective in detoxification, boosts the immune system, improves blood circulation, reduces back, neck, shoulder and headaches and provides general well-being. It also has an indirect beneficial effect on the joints.

It is similar to therapeutic massage, with the exception that the entire body surface is massaged, while therapeutic massage is only aimed at painful areas.

The Swedish massage has received credit by many researchers for its ability to promote health and prevent disease. Indirectly, it also has a beneficial effect on the functional functioning of internal organs.